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We build AI experiences to augment human thought and creativity. is a product studio and consultancy born in the San Francisco Bay Area, launching worldwide.

We are driven by the belief that AI can serve as a catalyst for creative exploration, rather than a replacement for human ingenuity.

We want to build a future where technology and humans work together. We advocate for organizations to adopt AI as means of technological acceleration and not to fear it. We similarly advocate for effective accelerationism.

Currently, we are interested in building to demonstrate the efficiency of large-scale and independent AI systems. Backed by grants and research programs, we feel confident in accelerating AI.

If you are an AI company that wants to consult with our team, our consultancy program will be out of beta soon is now live and moonshot startups are encouraged to apply.

Recently from our studio:

Decorus Media →

End-to-end generative AI art system and portfolio

Decorus Media is an art portfolio on Instagram to display creative generative art. Decorus, in Latin, translates to beautiful, elegant, graceful.

Following lessons from TextbookGPT, we've finetuned LLaMA 3 on generating prompts for Stable Diffusion v2.1 and we plan to extend this system to v3 soon. All images are generated from a seed prompt and any following prompt engineering and parameter maniplation is left to the system.

We aim to move towards an age where human creativity is leveraged by AI systems to assist in curation of art and culture.

TextbookGPT →

Suite of tools off a finetuned LLM for AP World History (600+ users)

TextbookGPT is a collection of tools built from scratch (chatbot, summaries, question generator, etc.) for Pearson's AP World History textbook.

We've built the data infrastructure and MLOps from scratch and self-host it in our own private server, as a foundation for subsequent products.

We're currently at 1,000+ students and 24,000+ queries/month in ~1.5 months solely from word of mouth.